Top 10 Sports Video Game Series (5-1)

Sports Video Games

As the video game industry continues to grow bigger than it’s ever been, it always nice to look back and reminisce about some of the games that have been released throughout the years. Sports have always provided video game developers with a perfect subject to expand on. While many sports games have flopped over the last few decades, there were a few smash hits that spawned successful series. Here are the top 10 sports video game series.

5. Tiger Woods PGA Tour (16 games)

While there can be a lot of technical aspects to sports video games, Tiger Woods PGA Tour provides a happy medium for beginners and veterans. Golf is a slow-paced game that requires thought and patience. This series does a great job at mirroring that aspect of the sport. To be a decent PGA Tour player, you just need to aim and shoot. Its simplicity combined with Tiger Woods’ overwhelming popularity made this series a smash hit.

4. NBA 2K (18 games)

The NBA 2K series has continued to gain a massive following in recent years. That can be contributed to a few things. First, the sport of basketball is becoming extremely popular among the younger generation around the world. Second, the developers have devoted a lot of time toward perfecting the game’s responsive algorithms. The attention to detail in these games cannot be matched in the sports video game realm. Don’t be surprised if this series moves up the list within the next few years.

3. Backyard Sports (35 games)

Every sports fan remembers when they fell in love with athletics. Gathering the neighborhood kids for some pickup basketball or a baseball game in your backyard represents a fond memory in many people’s lives. The Backyard Sports series allowed kids and adults to bask in that nostalgia and relive those wonderful memories. Of course, Backyard Baseball was the original game in the series. It’s safe to say that no one was striking out Pablo Sanchez.

2. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (10 games)

Everyone’s favorite Nintendo 64 game went on to produce 10 total versions throughout the years. Whether you competed in freestyle competitions against friends or tried to complete the “Grind” challenge on your own, every adult between 22 and 32 remembers playing this fan-favorite. Tony Hawk is not just a legend in skateboarding. He is a legend in the video game world as well.

1. Madden (34 games)

If you were asked to pick the most iconic sports video game in history, what would you choose? Most people would choose Madden, and it probably wouldn’t even be close. Of course, football is the most popular sport in the United States, which makes Madden a very desirable choice for sports gamers. Over the course of 34 games, there have not been many flops in the series, contributing to its sustained success that spans across decades. NFL players may not like the game much though, as the “Madden curse” has gained quite the following over the years. Sorry, Peyton Hillis and Vince Young.