The Best Video Games Of 2017 (5-1)

Super Mario Odyssey

The Game Awards 2017 officially wrapped up just over a week ago. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild was the bigger winner, taking home Game of the Year honors. But Zelda was not the only masterful title published this year. Here are more of the best video games of 2017.

Numbers 10-6: Final Fantasy XIV, Sniper Elite 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mario Kart 8, and Night In The Woods.

5. Injustice 2

The sequel to 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us was a smash-hit with gamers. This game serves as the best of both worlds – new characters as well as old favorites are available for gameplay in this title. Injustice 2 won Best Fighting Game at The Game Awards 2017.

4. Call Of Duty: WWII

For fans of the popular series, WWII was a breath of fresh air. The series previously explored the future and beyond. The outlandish settings for the shooting game were met with criticism to say the least. WWII puts the series back where it all began – the past. It provides gamers with the best scenery in the series’ long history. The gameplay is improved, and your goal is to simply win the war.

3. Persona 5

Persona 5 became the biggest surprise hit when it was originally released a year ago. The title became so popular that a worldwide launch was inevitable. The Japanese game made its way across all borders in April of 2017 to universal acclaim.

2. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Designed and published by Nintendo, Legend of Zelda was one of the most popular games on the Switch and Wii U. Link, the main character, forges ahead on an unforgettable journey to overtake the city of Hyrule. The game set new Nintendo records in terms of sales after its release.

1. Super Mario Odyssey

Mario made his triumphant return to the gaming consoles in October. The latest edition in the Mario series sold more than two million copies in its first three days of availability. Even the critics loved Super Mario Odyssey – the title took home a total of thirteen gaming awards.