Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Set For 2019 Release

Video game favorite Sonic The Hedgehog will be hitting the big screen in 2019. After nearly three decades in the gaming spotlight, this will be a big moment in the history of the franchise. The film will reportedly combine CGI and live-action for Sonic’s first featured role.

Movie Ensemble

Sony Entertainment will head the project with rights to the film also being held by Paramount Pictures. Early rumors suggest Deadpool director Tim Miller will be involved with the movie alongside fellow director Jeff Fowler. Few details have been disclosed at this time including prospective actors/actresses starring in the film. The plot is up in the air at the moment as well – the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise has never been known to feature a strong and intriguing story line. Will the plot be based off the previous video games or will Paramount get creative and inject a fresh story line into Sonic’s life?

While this will be Sonic’s first featured role, it will not be the character’s debut on the big screen. The lovable hedgehog has appeared in various films in recent years, most recently as a supporting character in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. Speaking of Ralph, can Sonic fans have faith in Sony and Paramount to make the Sonic film into a box-office success? Ralph was a huge hit for Paramount, pulling in $471 million in theater revenue. Meanwhile, Columbia Pictures’ The Angry Birds Movie earned $349 million at the box office just last year.

Sonic Continues To Build Fanbase

The first Sonic The Hedgehog video game was released in 1991 and became an instant hit with gamers. Nearly thirty years have passed since the original came to Sega consoles, but the game continues its long and impressive run of success. Sonic Mania is the latest release in the series’ long history of titles. The game was released in August and has received generally positive reviews. Mania rocketed to the top of The Switch’s best sellers list instantly, cementing the title’s legacy among the all-time great video game franchises.