Ranking The Best Halo Games (Part 1)

The Halo video game series is one of the most celebrated franchises in Microsoft’s long line of gaming development. Halo: Combat Evolved was originally released in November 2001. Since then, users have gone wild for this revolutionary first-person shooter game. This group of die-hard fans has since been dubbed “Halo Nation.” The latest version of the series was titled Halo Wars 2, which came out this February to applause from Halo Nation. Halo has continued to evolve and progress as a series ever since its inception a decade and a half ago. With 13 total editions to its name, it is very difficult to pinpoint the best version of Halo.

Halo Wars

This adaptation of Halo was definitely polarizing for a lot of long time players of the series. To say Halo Wars belongs in a class of its own would be an understatement. This game was Microsoft’s most drastic format shift in Halo’s history. For starters, the game was criticized for not being a true first-person shooter experience. The graphics look distinctly different from previous games as well. But despite all the backlash, this game truly developed a cult following. Halo Wars is the must customizable version that the franchise has to offer. Gamers either loved it or hated it.

Halo Wars 2

While it didn’t quite live up to its predecessor, Halo Wars 2 certainly did not disappoint. You have to give it up to the developers here, who despite negative reviews of Halo Wars, deemed it necessary to create a sequel. Control is greatly improved in this version – it is the most “controller-friendly” of any Halo title. This version gave gamers immense control over their individual characters and infantries as well.

Halo 3: ODST

Halo 2 was extremely disappointing for fans that waited more than three years for the original’s follow-up. The game was so bad that it took developers another three years before dropping Halo 3, a game that revived the franchise. After 3, Halo 3: ODST was launched with an overriding theme: simplicity. Microsoft decided to get back to basics with this stripped-down version of the game. The title is best remembered for its innovative multiplayer “Firefight” platform.