Mini Wired PS4 Controllers Coming To United States

PS4 Mini Wired Controller

It took a long time for the gaming industry to graduate from wired controllers, and now, every video game console includes cordless controllers. Now, it’s been forever since gamers have touched a wired controller and some are feeling a bit nostalgic. Have no fear, PlayStation is coming through in the clutch with a new mini wired controller. Developed by a third-party manufacturer, the new PS4 controller was designed for individuals with smaller hands. Obviously, PlayStation is targeting children with this new campaign, which isn’t a terrible idea, considering kids make up a huge chunk of the video game market. The controllers are set to be released in the United States, but it hasn’t been all good feedback for PlayStation, as some parents have concerns about the new product.


First, it should be known that the mini controllers will not have the exact same configuration as the traditional PS4 model. Don’t worry, they will include all of the buttons that are necessary to play your favorite games, such as the right and left joysticks, a D-pad, four action buttons, and the four shoulder buttons. The cord that will connect the mini controller to the console will be ten feet long to allow for plenty of distance between you and the television. The traditional elements of the PS4 controller that will not be included are the surface touch pad, a light bar, a stereo headphone jack, a speaker, motion sensors, and vibration feedback. None of which are absolutely necessary for any PS4 game.


As someone that grew up with nothing but wired controllers, it was quite shocking to hear that parents were concerned about the cords being attached to the console. Parents are worried about kids tripping over the cord, resulting in injury or the destruction of the console itself. Other concerns address the possibility of accidental strangulation. Supporters of the controller addressed the fact that wired attachments have been the standard for decades, yet very few near fatal accidents have occurred. In other words, there should be no reason to worry about such things. If a child is smart enough to play the video game, they should be plenty smart enough to handle the likes of a 10-foot cord.