‘Jump’ Looking To Become ‘Netflix’ For Video Games

Jump PC Video Games

A new subscription-based video game service has been announced. Jump is aiming to be the Spotify or Netflix of the gaming world. The service has begun closed beta testing and is scheduled to be officially released later this summer.

What Is Jump?

Jump is a collection of highly rated and award-winning indie games. As a part of the monthly subscription, members will have unlimited access to a highly-curated library of video games. The closed beta testing will take place from July 10 to July 24 and include about 10-20 games. The subscription service will cost $9.99 per month and will feature unlimited, ad-free gameplay. Following the official launch, Jump will initially include a library of about 60-100 games with an additional 10 games being added each month.

How It Works

Once selected, the game will load in about a minute via the Jump app, depending on internet connection and the size of the game. Unlike Netflix, Jump uses a web-based technology known as “HyperJump” to allow members to load games without having to fully install them onto a hard drive. This allows users to avoid any latency issues that are commonly associated with cloud-based streaming.

Similar to Netflix, Jump will allow users to browse through a variety of different categories such as recently added games or games with new content, as well as the ability to sort by genre. Leaderboards, multiplayer access, and game saves will all be handled by a third-party service called PlayFab. One of the most notable benefits of using PlayFab is that your saves can carry over to new devices.

The service will initially launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux, with HTC, Vive, and Oculus Rift to follow shortly after.

The idea seems flawless, and the execution is underway. The only question left is, will Jump become the Netflix for video games?