‘Fate/Grand Order’ Will Make North American Debut In June

Sony has officially announced Fate/Grand Order is set for release across North America.  The Asia-based franchise has targeted June 25th as the date it will debut in the United States and Canada. The launch follows the game’s move into new territories such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

Brief History Of Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order first burst onto the scene back in the summer of 2015. Since then, the game has continued to rise in popularity amongst gamers. The mobile RPG franchise has surpassed nine million downloads in the past two years. Although the download totals are not overwhelming, the game’s limited release makes it likely to estimate bigger figures with its potential wider audience in North America.

Long considered a top grossing game each month, Fate/Grand Order has become a huge hit for the developer Delightworks. The game was designed as a free role-playing experience. Presented in the form of a novel, Fate takes gamers on an unforgettable journey. Players are given the arduous task of saving all of mankind from impending extinction. The words Grand Order were added to the title as a reference to saving society and restoring structure.

Delightworks and publisher Aniplex originally released the game on Android devices, but quickly made it available to IOS owners. Shortly after the game took off, a sequel was implemented to the main story-line in addition to upgrades made available to users. Following the game’s success, Fate was produced into an anime film, which made its television premiere in late 2016.

One other big project is currently in the works for Fate. A virtual reality presentation of the title is being prepared for PlayStation VR. The creators hope the new format will attract an even bigger audience to its already successful franchise.

The company had tentatively announced a North American summer launch back in April, with an official release date made public this week. The world’s tenth-highest grossing game hopes to climb the charts even further in the coming months.