Every Madden Game Ranked Since 2000 (Part 2)

The latest version of the popular NFL video game, Madden NFL 18, is the first edition in over a decade to only be available for gameplay on two consoles – Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While that fact makes it appear that developers are getting back to basics, the gameplay is anything but simplistic. 18 only enhances the series’ long and rich history. Here is another look at some of the best Madden games since 2000:

12. Madden NFL 12 (Cover Athlete: Peyton Hillis)

Although the release of this game was delayed by more than two weeks due to the NFL lockout, it was well worth the wait for gamers. Most fans will remember this game for its cover athlete, Peyton Hillis, who suffered from the Madden Curse and essentially disappeared the league instantly. The tackle animations were the biggest improvement in this game.

11. Madden NFL 06 (Donovan McNabb)

This version is famous for its introduction of the “truck stick” which took on field collisions to a whole new level. 06 also introduced fans to “superstar mode” where gamers can take control of a single player from his rookie year through the remainder of his career.

10. Madden NFL 2003 (Marshall Faulk)

Although this game was flawed in many ways, fans seem to remember it fondly. Al Michaels’ voice appears in Madden for the first time, taking over for Pat Summerall. Retired players like Bruce Matthews, Mark Rypien, and Ryan Leaf accidentally appear in this version – one of the many aforementioned flaws.

9. Madden NFL 11 (Drew Brees)

This title revitalized the entire series by stripping it all down. It was originally marketed as a simpler and quicker version of the game we all know and love – many new features proved that to be the case. “Gameflow” mode moved the game along at a faster pace and adjustments were made to improve the passing attack.

8. Madden NFL 25 (Barry Sanders)

Released in 2013, Madden 25 was a celebration of the brand’s years of success. Barry Sanders appears on the cover, while current player, Adrian Peterson, is featured on an alternate version. The connected franchise mode was revolutionary as it let gamers take control of teams with the ability to relocate them at any time.

7. Madden NFL 15 (Richard Sherman)

The Seahawks’ CB emerged victorious from a fan cover vote bracket that featured the likes of Colin Kaepernick, LeSean McCoy, and Luke Kuechly. Madden NFL 2015 became the second best-selling video game of 2014.