Criticism And Applause Await Reveal Of Xbox Scorpio

There is certainly a lot of hype surrounding the soon to be released Xbox Scorpio gaming console. With groundbreaking technology infused in Microsoft’s latest project, the praise appears warranted. Fans believe the Scorpio is poised to lead all users into the future of gameplay. Problem is, that hype seems to be paired with an overwhelming amount of skepticism from critics.

Before its official reveal at E3 2017, a few details have emerged about Scorpio. For starters, the new console will feature a CPU that is 30% quicker than that of Xbox One. The GPU gets an

upgrade as well; over four times more powerful than the original. Additionally, Scorpio comes equipped with 8G of memory. The console is also rumored to focus on 4K optics. Will these upgrades be enough to outsell Microsoft’s counterparts though?

Scorpio Criticisms

Although the console boasts many benefits, critics believe the Scorpio is already overshadowed by its competition. The PS4 Pro, which will be released alongside Scorpio during the holiday season, already has an upgraded version available. Even more troubling for Xbox were the results of a recent study conducted by Nielsen. The survey showed that 68% of the general population was aware of PS4, while only 11% confirmed they knew about the Xbox Scorpio.

Another sticking point for customers may be the price tag that comes along with such an advanced gaming console. While no details have been released regarding cost, many expect the Scorpio to fetch a pretty penny. Makers must be wondering if gamers will be more likely to pay a higher price for top-notch quality.

Come June 13th, all eyes will be on Microsoft’s latest venture at the E3 convention. The Xbox Scorpio could either become the future of gaming or a massive disappointment. In other words, Microsoft may be introducing the gaming world to the ultimate boom or bust product.