Crash Bandicoot Remake Debuts at No. 1 in UK

Expectations were high for Activision when they decided to remake the classic video game Crash Bandicoot, but I don’t think that anyone expected it to achieve this much success in its first week on the market. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has only been out for a week, and it has already claimed the top spot on Amazon UK’s Top-100 best-selling games list.

Xbox One could be next platform to adopt game

By reaching No. 1, the remake has already accomplished what its predecessor could not. In fact, it has already sold more copies in the UK than any other game in 2017. The Crash Bandicoot Trilogy was created exclusively for PlayStation 4, also making it UK’s best-selling single-platform game of 2017. I wouldn’t worry if you’re an Xbox gamer though, as rumors have been circulating that an Xbox One version will be released as early as December. A PC version may also be on the way, as the game continues to fly off the shelves.

When remaking a classic game like Crash Bandicoot, there are a lot of variables to consider. First, you must preserve the integrity of the original game. From my experience, most retro gamers do not like when people mess with their throwbacks. In this instance, Activision did a great job carrying on the tradition of Crash Bandicoot, while implementing a few bonus features of their own, such as the ability to play as Crash’s sister, Coco.

Not as much success in U.S.

Despite its overwhelming success overseas, Crash Bandicoot has not seen the same kind of numbers in the United States. In comparison, the game has not even breached the Amazon US’s Top-100 best-selling games list; however, that does not mean the game will be a failure, considering it hasn’t even been out for a week.

Based on nostalgia alone, adults that were born in the 80’s and 90’s will certainly warm up to the idea of these classic remakes. The only question is, what can we look forward to next? Sonic the Hedgehog? Banjo-Kazooie? Whatever it is, you can bet that I’ll be waiting in line to pick it up.