Ranking The Best Halo Games (Part 2)
Halo remains one of the biggest gaming titles in the first-person shooter genre. This list looks to compile the best
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Ranking The Best Halo Games (Part 1)
The Halo video game series is one of the most celebrated franchises in Microsoft’s long line of gaming development. Halo:
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Sonic Causes ‘Mania’ With New Game Release
Sonic Mania, the brand-new 16-bit video game, is being praised by the gaming masses. Fans of the long-running series see
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Legend Of Zelda Video Game
Best And Worst Video Game Remakes Of All-Time
On a recent conference call, Activision Blizzard discussed the overwhelming success it has had with the Crash Bandicoot remake. The
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Niantic Postpones Future Pokémon Go Events In Europe
The first ever Pokémon Go Fest was held in Chicago this month, and things did not go well for Niantic,
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The Switch Could Be A Blessing & A Curse For Nintendo
After the absolute fail that was Wii U, it was hard to envision a world where Nintendo would be relevant
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Millennials Would Rather Play Video Games Than Work
A new study shows millennials work less and play more. An expansive investigation conducted by college researchers found that working
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Jump PC Video Games
‘Jump’ Looking To Become ‘Netflix’ For Video Games
A new subscription-based video game service has been announced. Jump is aiming to be the Spotify or Netflix of the
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Crash Bandicoot Remake Debuts at No. 1 in UK
Expectations were high for Activision when they decided to remake the classic video game Crash Bandicoot, but I don’t think
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Arizona Sunshine Setting
Fan Favorite ‘Arizona Sunshine’ Launches for PS4 VR
One of the most popular virtual reality games on the market is now available for PlayStation 4. Arizona Sunshine was
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