Black Friday Video Game Deals

Playstation 4 Controller

It’s that time of year again folks. A time where jovials and scrooges can put their differences aside and unite in excitement for Black Friday! It’s an especially exciting time for gamers, as video games and tech gear represent some of the most popular items on the “Black” market. This year, deals have been expanded to well after Thanksgiving, and others got started well before the holidays. If you haven’t had a chance to do your research, here are some of the best deals for all things gaming.

PlayStation 4 Slim

The 1 TB PS4 Slim is the smaller, more affordable version of the new PlayStation Pro. The Slim will be sold at most places for around $200, which is about $100 cheaper than its original price. Right now, you can find it at that price in GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy. Starting Friday, it will be available at Kohl’s for $200, but you will also receive $15 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend, meaning you will earn $60 back with a purchase of the PS4 Slim. At GameStop, you will receive a $50 gift card in return for purchasing a Slim on Friday.

DualShock 4 Controllers

If you are looking to purchase a PlayStation 4, then you’re going to want to know about the deals for controllers. Similar to past deals, the DualShock 4 controllers will be going for about $20 off the asking price at $40 apiece. Best Buy will have the exclusive red crystal version of the DualShock 4, and Walmart will be the only store carrying the blue crystal version.

PlayStation VR

Virtual Reality was a huge hit last holiday season, and while it hasn’t lived in the mainstream spotlight as much this year, there is still plenty of buzz surrounding the future of gaming. The PlayStation VR will be on sale for as low as $200 at Target; however, that will only include the headset, meaning you will have to purchase the required camera elsewhere. There are bundles that include all parts and even some games going for between $300-$350.

Video Games

Obviously, most true gamers already have the appropriate equipment to battle online. So for those of you just looking for game deals, here are some of the most popular ones at the cheapest cost found thus far:

  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare = $19 (Walmart)
  • Call of Duty: WWII = $40 (Best Buy)
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy = $25 (Target)
  • Destiny 2 = $30 (Best Buy/Target)
  • FIFA 18 = $27 (GameStop)
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn = $19 (Walmart)
  • Madden NFL 18 = $27 (GameStop)
  • NBA 2K18 = $27 (GameStop)
  • Overwatch = $30 (Target)
  • Wolfenstein II = $25 (Best Buy)