Amazon’s Treasure Truck Offers SNES Classic Edition

Anyone hoping to purchase the rare Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, Classic Edition has been out of luck, considering almost every major retailer has already sold out of the device. That’s ok though, because depending on where you live, you still have a chance to buy one via Amazon’s unique Treasure Truck program. The program is essentially a fleet of fun, mystery trucks that offer daily deals in select cities across the nation. It started small, but it has grown to 18 U.S. cities as of Friday, September 29. The way it works is one exclusive item will be sold from the truck at any given period. If a person signs up for the program, they will receive a special alert when the truck arrives with whatever the special item of the day may be. You can place the order on Amazon, and pick it up anytime between noon and 8:00pm local time.

This Week’s Deal

As mentioned above, this week’s item is the SNES Classic Edition. The Treasure Truck sales price is $79.99, which is a pretty great deal for two reasons. First, almost no retailers have any left in stock. And second, Amazon is currently selling them online at $140. Other products that have been sold on the Amazon Treasure Trucks have included holiday-themed merchandise, laptops, tablets, TV’s, and in some special cases, fresh food. For example, they sold fresh seafood in Seattle.

Treasure Truck Cities

As mentioned above, the Amazon Treasure Truck was limited to only a few cities early on, but as its popularity grew, the program began to expand. Now, it is being offered in 18 U.S. cities. Prior to Friday, it was offered in Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Minneapolis, and San Diego. The new cities include Austin, New York, Nashville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix, Portland, and San Antonio.